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Lovina Novel PDF Free Download : Lovina is a Sinhalese novel written by Mohan Raj Madawala and translated into English by Somasiri Munasinghe.

It is a historical novel set in colonial Sri Lanka and tells the story of the forbidden love between Lovina, a dancing girl from the low-caste Kaettuwa community, and Sir Thomas Maitland, the British Governor of Ceylon.

The novel is set in the early 19th century, a time of great social and political upheaval in Sri Lanka. The British had recently taken control of the island from the Dutch, and the traditional way of life was being challenged by Western values and customs.

Lovina is born into this turbulent world, and she soon finds herself caught up in a passionate love affair with the powerful Governor. Their relationship is doomed from the start, as it is forbidden by both social and racial barriers.

Lovina is considered to be beneath Maitland’s station, and their relationship is seen as a scandal by both the British and the Sinhalese communities. Despite the dangers, Loveena and Maitland defy convention and continue to meet in secret.

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Their love story is played out against the backdrop of a changing Sri Lanka. The novel explores the themes of colonialism, racism, and class conflict. It also celebrates the beauty and resilience of Sinhalese culture.

Lovina is a complex and fascinating novel that has been praised for its historical accuracy and its insightful portrayal of Sri Lankan society. It is a must-read for anyone interested in Sri Lankan history or literature.

About Loveena / Lovina Novel

Novel:Loveena / Lovina
Author:Mohan Raj Madawala
Book Language:Sinhala
Translated into English By:Somasiri Munasinghe
File Format:PDF Download
File Size:50.8 MB

Lovina Novel Summary in English Version

Loveena Novel Summary:

Characters: Loveena and Sir Thomas Maitland


Loveena, the captivating protagonist of the novel, dances amidst the complexities of colonial Ceylon. Born into the ostracized Kaettuwa community, poverty and societal prejudice weave a tapestry of limitations around her life.

Yet, her spirit shines like a defiant jewel, refusing to be dimmed by hardship. Her exceptional talent as a dancer becomes a beacon, drawing the eye of the powerful Governor, Maitland. In her mesmerizing movements, a fire ignites, setting the stage for a passionate but forbidden love affair.

Loveena is no damsel in distress. Her strength lies not in societal graces, but in her unwavering spirit. When presented with the choice between societal expectations and the yearning of her heart, she defies convention with bold steps.

Embarking on a daring journey with Maitland, she embraces the uncertainties of forbidden love, her defiance a whisper against the rigid winds of colonialism.

However, Loveena’s story is not a fairy tale. The weight of societal constraints eventually bears down, casting a tragic shadow over her choices. Her imprisonment becomes a poignant symbol of the harsh realities faced by marginalized communities under colonial rule.

Though Loveena may not emerge victorious in the traditional sense, her spirit echoes long after the curtains close. She is a testament to the enduring power of love, defiance, and the indomitable spirit that thrives even in the face of immense adversity.

Loveena’s character is a mesmerizing paradox: a woman born into poverty yet possessing radiant talent, defiant against societal norms yet yearning for forbidden love. She is a poignant symbol of the human spirit’s resilience, a testament to the beauty that can bloom even in the most barren landscapes of colonial Ceylon.

Sir Thomas Maitland:

As the embodiment of British rule, Maitland wields immense influence, his decisions shaping the lives of those around him. His sharp intellect cuts through complexities, making him a formidable leader and strategist.

Yet, beneath the fa├žade of unwavering control, lies a heart susceptible to desires that defy societal norms. When fate entwines him with the captivating dancer Loveena, the Governor finds himself caught in a tempestuous sea of forbidden love.

Maitland’s attraction to Loveena transcends social barriers, a rebellion against the rigid conventions of his time. He recognizes the brilliance that shines within her, a beacon unlike any he has encountered in the sterile halls of power.

In her presence, his carefully constructed mask slips, revealing a vulnerability that makes him strangely endearing. Yet, his privileged position also becomes a cage, shackling him to societal expectations and political pressures.

The Governor’s struggle becomes a mirror to the complexities of colonial Ceylon. His love for Loveena is a passionate defiance against the rigid hierarchies that define his world. However, defying these norms comes at a steep price.

Ultimately, Maitland’s choices bear tragic consequences, leaving him stripped of his power and exiled from the land he once governed.

Sir Thomas Maitland remains a captivating figure, a man consumed by power yet yearning for something beyond its reach. He is a symbol of the human condition, where desires and societal constraints clash in a never-ending waltz.

His story serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made in the name of forbidden love and the heavy price we pay for defying societal norms, even when those norms stand in the way of our most profound desires.


  • Loveena and Maitland embark on a passionate but forbidden love affair, defying social and racial barriers.
  • Their secret relationship faces constant challenges from both British and Sinhalese communities.
  • Fleeing persecution, they find refuge in a remote village, living in seclusion.
  • Their idyllic life is shattered when captured by the British.
  • Maitland is disgraced and sent back to England, while Loveena endures imprisonment.
  • Despite separation and tragedy, their love story resonates as a symbol of defiance against colonialism and the enduring power of forbidden love.


  • Colonialism and its impact on Sri Lankan society.
  • Forbidden love and the struggle against societal norms.
  • Class conflict and discrimination faced by marginalized communities.
  • Resilience and the strength of Sri Lankan culture.

Note: This summary focuses on the main plot without delving into subplots or detailed character relationships.

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